Fundraising in Our Clinic

Donation box of hope to save
children with intractable diseases
There are children who give
insulin injections every day to live

Type1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that can develop very suddenly, regardless of one’s lifestyle. It is thought that there are approximately 70,000 patients nationwide.
The only way in which Type1 diabetics can carry on with their lives is to continually supplement their insulin levels through daily injections (insulin is a unique hormone that controls blood glucose levels). At present, this is a disease which cannot be cured through medical treatment.

We donate IDDM network.
The IDDM network is an accredited NPO (Non-profit organization) that supports patients and families who need insulin supplements for their daily lives, for instance for Type1 diabetes. Its ultimate aim is the eradication of Type1 diabetes (Cure + Treatment + Prevention). Its more immediate objective is to make Type1 diabetes a “curable” disease by 2025.